Volume Lash Extensions

Volume Lashes

Volume Eyelash Extensions are an advanced eyelash extension technique originating in Russia.   Volume Eyelash Extensions are not for the "natural" looking woman!   Volume lashes are for 24/7 glam! These lashes last longer than traditional eyelash extensions. Mascara is definitely NOT needed, but can be worn. These eyelashes are great for distance viewing -the stage, dancers, ballerinas, opera singers, performers, and any woman who wants to be NOTICED.  

Price:  $450 

Fill every 3-4 weeks: $125 for 60 minutes or $145 for 90 min.

With Volume Lashing, every single eyelash is lashed with 2-7 microextensions for a seamless, full, fluffy, volumous lash look.  

Photos below are untouched, of Tamara's work on actual clients.  




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